Centrifugal condenser

The new centrifugal condensation system designed and patented by TEKNOX has enabled the amount of steam generated and the cost of equipment to be significantly reduced.
It is recommended when it is not possible to vent the steam suction outlet to the outside.
The condenser is equipped with wheels for easy positioning and can be installed on existing machines or integrated into new systems.
This device can only be used with systems that use water-based detergents that are non-hazardous to personnel or the environment.

CONDENSATORE S pipe diameter Ø 80 mm
CONDENSATORE M pipe diameter Ø 100 mm
supply voltage
400V 3 PH 50 HZ

The new centrifugal condenser system, designed and patented by TEKNOX in 2015, is ideal to cut down steams generated in the washing cabin.
It is the best option in case the steam extraction cannot be connected externally.
Natively connected to the extraction system on new Teknox parts washers or separately installed on already working machines.
A device applied solely on washers using water-based detergents non-harmful for operators or the environment.

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