Ultrasonic parts washers

The ultrasonic washing system by Teknox has been designed for a heavy and continuous use due to its high quality materials and to the latest technology.
Ultrasonic washing is carried out by Weber Ultrasonics GmbH generators and transducers.
Standard machines include an automatic mobile platform for high loading capacity in stainless steel, an additional tank for oil-trimming collection and circulating pump.

  Useful washing sizes (cm) ultrasonic power washing tank
k100 64 x 34 x H34 1 kW 100 lt
k200 88 x 47 x H38 2 kW 200 lt
k300 100 x 55 x H45 3 kW 300 lt
k500 120 x 65 x H55 4 kW 500 lt
  • Maximum temperature setting 80°C
supply voltage
400V 3ph+N+PE


K-series parts washers help you to wash parts in immersion with ultrasonic equipment. The machines consist of a main tank with the detergent water-based solution. The platform where parts are placed is automatically immersed in the liquid and all the surface is entirely washed through the ultrasonic action. The automatic washing process is set by a touchscreen display and operator is free to work on other tasks. Once the cycle is finished the platform surfaces and operators can remove the cleaned and degreased parts. An additional tank is equipped for the oils removal through the action of a circulation pump. A filter enables then the liquid filtering to remove small solid residues.

What is included in each SERIE K
  • Minimum level control
  • Colour 4'' touchscreen display for settings and programs.
  • Made in Germany generator and transducers, 2-year warranty.
  • Generator embedded in the switchboard
  • Automatic lifting and immersion platform
  • Circulating pump for oil-trimming filtering and removal
  • Ultrasonic transducers in the front and back side of the machine.
  • Blow valve for tank emptying
What can be added as an accessory
  • Compressed air blowing gun

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