Parts washers with rotary basket, plc and touchscreen

Simplex is a system ideal for the automatic washing of small and medium size mechanical parts.
The washing is carried out by the action of upper, lower and side jets. The slow rotation of the basket is ensured by a gear motor.
A PLC and touchscreen display management enables numberless customisations thanks to a wide range of accessories.

  Washing capacity ( Ø x H ) Basket load capacity Tank
Simplex 60 Ø 58 x H 38 cm 100 kg 60 lt
Simplex 60 Ø 78 x H 43 cm 100 Kg 130 lt
  • Maximum temperature setting 60°C
  • Maximum temperature setting 80°C
supply voltage
400V 3PH+N+T 50 HZ (and more on demand)

Video SIMPLEX 60/80

Simplex 60 and Simplex 80 parts washers are designed for small and medium sized parts washing.
Operators insert parts in the basket, close the cover and start the automatic process.
Operators can tackle other tasks.

A gear motor slowly turns the basket and the pump starts the liquid intake from the tank and sprays it with pressure over the parts throughout by washing pipes located in the higher, lower and side parts.
The washing liquid consists of water mixed with specific eco-friendly soaps.
On the switchboard can be set all machine parameters (temperatures, heating starting and washing times) through a colour touchscreen display, and checked the washing status-flow, as well as monitored the machine alarms and warnings.
Simplex parts washer can be equipped with a large number of accessories for an integrated process such as compressed-air blowing, bag filters, high pressure pump, steam extraction, tank emptying pump and many others.

What is included in each SIMPLEX 60/80
  • Reinforced basket in electrowelded net with external edge of galvanized steel
  • Tank liquid maximum level control and solenoid valve for automatic water intake
  • Minimum level control
  • Colour 4'' touchscreen display for settings and programs.
  • Electric pumps in stainless steel AISI 304 with special gaskets
  • Filter in stainless steel AISI 304 on the pump suction
  • Safety limit switch on the cover opening
  • Tank edge gasket
  • IP 65 electric system with PLC touchscreen (DGT V4)
  • Weekly programming for the activation of heating and oil separator (if installed)
  • Mechanical rotation of the basket by a gear motor
  • Structure and plates in STAINLESS steel AISI 304
  • Flexible suction and pump delivery pipes (easy maintenance)
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 washing pipes with laser perforated nozzles

What is included in HT version
  • Electric timed steam extraction
  • Tank thermal insulation with panels in Stainless steel AISI 430
  • Safety limit switch with cover opening lock during the cycle
  • Panels under the basket with trap filter for grease and chip collection
What can be added as an accessory
  • Steam extraction (patented system)
  • Basket in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Thermal insulation of bag filter
  • Centrifugal steam condenser
  • Disc oil separator with gear motor
  • Automatic liquid detergent dispenser
  • Bag filter mounted on the pump delivery pipe in Stainless steel
  • Kit for use with abrasive contaminants
  • Kit for use with strongly caustic chemical products
  • Panels under the basket with additional filters
  • High pressure washing pump
  • Tank emptying pump
  • Compressed air blowing and independent pipes

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