Area di lavaggio Portata di carico Serbatoio
3P 95 x 70 x H45 cm 70 Kg 75 lt
4P 120 x 80 x H45 cm 70 Kg 90 lt

Low pressure manual parts washer fed by compressed air with cover

This system performs the successful washing of small and medium sized mechanical parts.
Washing is carried out manually with two gloves in the front part.

In this configuration (P) the machine is fed by compressed air and can be used only with compatible solvents with flash point > 55 °C.

  • P (pressure 5 bar, pneumatic)
  • Pneumatic
Tank quantity
  • Unique tank
Areas of application
  • Car/motorcycle maintenance
  • Truck maintenance
  • Railway, naval, aeronautical maintenance
  • Mould washing
  • Mechanical engineering, chip removal, foundries, moulding
  • Aeronautical / Space Industry
  • Electronic
  • Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Cosmetic, Food
  • Printing and colour industry
supply voltage
Compressed air (pneumatic version) 230V 1PH+N+PE 50HZ (and more on demand)


LAVAPEN parts washer makes possible the manual parts washing inside a closed and wholly safe cabin.
Operators locate parts inside the machine, close the cover and put his arms in the gloves then press the pedal to make the spraying pump work. A non-slip hand grip spray nozzle allows operators to wash thoroughly all parts holes and those parts difficult to reach.
3 different sizes of machines and types of cleaning are available:

  • fully pneumatic for the use of strongly aggressive products (P version)
  • electric supply for water-based liquid heating to 60 °C with a max washing pressure of 9 bar (C version)
  • electric supply for water-based liquid heating to 60 °C with a max washing pressure up to 80 bar (X version)

LAVAPEN parts washers can be equipped on demand with a compressed air blowing gun placed inside.

What is included in each LAVAPEN P
  • Hatch closure assisted with gas springs and fastening hook
  • Black latex gloves 660 mm long
  • Tank border gasket
  • Structure and sheet metal in contact with liquid in Aisi 304 stainless steel
  • Special washing nozzle with jet under pressure and non-slip grip
  • Safety limit switch on cover opening
  • Pedal-controlled washing action
  • Adjustable feet
  • Closing hatch with hoses and tempered glass
  • Compressed air blowing gun
  • Manually adjustable washing pressure
  • Internal welding bleaching
  • Intake and delivery pump hose (easy maintenance)
  • Special ergonomic washing brush
  • Drain valves for emptying tanks
  • Manual valve for surface liquid drain (whole oil)
What can be added as an accessory
  • Stainless steel cartridge filter (10/25/50 micron)
  • Machine equipped with wheels for handling
  • Increased loading capacity to 150 kg

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