Parts washer for the treatment of special parts with cycle times of less than 3 seconds

The washing cycle consists of six stages.
Starting from the loading station, the continuous (step-by-step) rotation moves the parts forwards through the subsequent stages of treatment until the part is brought back to its original position for unloading.
Particularly suited for use in robotic stations (positioning precision +/- 0.5 mm).
It can, however, be loaded and unloaded manually by the operator.

  Maximum temperature
1000 80° C
1200 80° C
1400 80° C
1800 80° C
  • Maximum temperature setting 80°C


Roundjet parts washer is a step-by-step washing machine on a similar "rotating table" system.
The parts washer consists of: loading/unloading, steam extraction, washing, unloading, compressed air blowing, and hot-air drying.
The rotating table is made up of 6 identical sections each of them having a parts holder in stainless steel and in anti-scratching material.
Roundjet parts washer allows a single parts type to meet the needs of a single parts position for the washing.
However it is possible to wash different parts shapes if the redesigning of the six sections is planned during the project design phase.
It is especially suitable for robotic isles with parts loading and unloading directly by an anthropomorphic robots (positioning accuracy by +/- 0.5 mm).
It can be also designed for manual loading and unloading operations.

What is included in each ROUNDJET
  • Separate remote electrical cabinet
  • Electric timed steam extraction
  • Tank thermal insulation with panels in Stainless steel AISI 430
  • Tank liquid maximum level control and solenoid valve for automatic water intake
  • Minimum level control
  • Colour 7'' touchscreen display for settings and programs.
  • Vertical multistage electric pump in Stainless steel AISI 304 with special gaskets
  • Box filter with 6 cap filters in Stainless steel AISI 304 for pre-filtering the liquid returning to the tank
  • Filter in stainless steel AISI 304 on the pump suction
  • Safety limit switch on the cover opening
  • Tank edge gasket
  • IP 65 electric system with PLC touchscreen (DGT V4)
  • Part(s) positioning support
  • Positioned washing supports, complete mapping of all holes and contaminant retention zones
  • Weekly programming for the activation of heating and oil separator (if installed)
  • Liquid heating with electric resistor in stainless steel
  • External tanks for an easy maintenance
  • Structure and plates in STAINLESS steel AISI 304
What can be added as an accessory
  • Centrifugal steam condenser
  • Automatic liquid detergent dispenser
  • Fein mesh box filter
  • Duplex bag filter mounted in parallel on the pump delivery pipe in Stainless steel
  • Flushing of the internal cavities
  • Robot interface for loading and unloading
  • PLC Siemens S1200 - HMI touchscreen Siemens KTP700
  • High pressure washing pump
  • Tank emptying pump
  • Part presence/absence detectors

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